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Api Settings

Using API settings service, Guzzle can pass the API URL of guzzle and, the keyvault and secret name of passphrase to the remote cluster. Using this passphrase, Guzzle is decrypting the encrypted temporary API token to access guzzle API's, and it is also used to decrypt the credentials of datastore.

Setup API Settings#

  1. Go to the Manage menu from the top navigation bar

  2. Navigate to Environment Config -> Api Settings

  3. Enter following configuration details:

Properties to set up Api Settings#

PropertyDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
URLSpecify the API URL of GuzzleNULLYes
Key vault nameSpecify the key vault name in which passphrase value is storedNULLYes
Secret nameSpecify the secret name in which passphrase value is storedNULLYes
Username for scheduled jobSelect username for scheduled jobActive usernameNo
Api key expiry time(Milliseconds)Specify internal api key expiration time43200000Yes
UpdateThis button will update Api settings configs into guzzle-api.yml file
Sync passphraseOn clicking this button, passphrase from Guzzle VM will be synced to provided keyvault and secret name
CancelTo cancel the updated values in property

On clicking save button all this properties will be saved on guzzle-api.yml file.

url: ""
keyvault_name: "XXXXX"
secret: "XXXX"
schedule_user_id: 1
api_key_expiry_time: 43200000

Interface of Api Settings page#