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This article provides information about Yarn support in Guzzle.

Yarn does not support various features like :

  1. ADLS

  2. DBFS

  3. DELTA

  4. HIVE

Guzzle provides below parameter and configs for Yarn

PropertyDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
Number of executorsSpecify the number of Yarn executor on you want to run job2No
Driver memorySpecify the allocated driver memory for running jobs512 mNo
Executor memorySpecify the allocated executor memory for running jobs512 mNo
Driver classpathSpecify the driver classpath of jobsNoneNo
Executor classpathSpecify the executor classpathNoneNo
JarsPut the jar path with comma separatedNoneNo
Additional argumentsSpecify the Yarn arguments
Ex: --conf spark.development=true

Interface for Yarn Compute