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Effective Column Mapping


Currently this feature is only available for Ingestion activity only.


  • Visualize which column will be mapped to Target or Reject.
  • Before source columns write into Target or Reject, a column will go through a bunch of operations, which leads to the column being altered.
    • It may rename using a feature like a clean column.
    • It may derive from another column using a feature like override column mapping.
    • It may filter columns using a feature like column restriction.
    • It may override using a feature like Transform SQL.
    • It may not map to Target or Reject due to different Inherit columns and datatype strategies.
    • It may change the data type using a feature like schema drift.
  • We can also find out the definition of the auto-create table.


  • Raw Source: a source before any transformation apply by guzzle.

  • Source: a source after all transformations apply by guzzle.

  • Empty cell represents NULL or break in the flow, for instance, col2 has been excluded via column restriction feature and thus target col2 going to be mapped with NULL, but look at last raw col2 is part of Raw Source but not part of the Source.

  • * denote alternation, in case of column name meaning a new column will be added to the target, in case of data type meaning column datatype will be altered.

  • Columns that are not mapped to Target or Reject will be appeared at last just like col2