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Working with REST Api

A REST API (also known as RESTful API) is an application programming interface (API or web API) that conforms to the constraints of REST architectural style and allows for interaction with RESTful web services.

This article outlines how to use Rest API as source in Ingestion activity. User can fetch data in different formats like JSON, XML, delimited and fixed.


API is only used to read data (Is only use in source tab)

Below are the different properties to create API ingest activity :

PropertyDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
HTTP methodMethod of HTTP like get or post.
Get : user can select this for fetching data.
Post : user can select this to post data.
URIURI of rest API.NoneYes
Basic AuthenticationProvide authentication if their to access API after expanding this propertyNoneNo
Config Request ParameterProvide parameter name and its value if API has. User can give after expanding this propertyNoneNo
Config Request HeaderProvide header name and its value if API has. User can give after expanding this propertyNoneNo
Response FormatFormat of API response like JSON, XML, delimited, fixedJSONNo
Character SetIt refers to the Set of Characters used to Read/Write test files. Allowed Values include: UTF-8, UTF-16 etc.UTF-8No
Override JSON root pathIt can be used to specify an object or location where we want to take our data from. For eg- If we want to focus on one particular column of our data we can specify the Column name here.NoneNo
Clean Column NameColumn name is formatted.empId is formatted in emp_id.
Example : empId -> emp_id
Multi-LineThis is applicable when a single data record spans across multiple lines. This applies to both JSON files which are in array form or separate JSON documents.FalseNo
TimeoutTimeout in second300No
Retry IntervalRetry interval in seconds. Ex on HTTP response status code:500 do retry interval every given seconds.5No
Config Response StorageUsers can select the response endpoint after expanding this property.NoneNo
Add Column MappingTo override the column names for a file. This is applicable for cases when the file contains header but the header are not consistent with the target filed names or contain or file does not contain header at all. The column mapping also allows to filter only certain column which are relevant for ingesting into the target. Selecting this option will ignore the existing column names from header or default column header of col1, col2. For more information click here.NULLNo

The interface for API format is shown in following gif :#