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Deployment structure changes (Guzzle 2.3.0)

As per new deployment approach, guzzle reduces scope of shared storage just to keep guzzle module and third-party dependency jar files which can be referenced by activities running in the remote clusters. Guzzle API must be accessible from the remote clusters where guzzle activities are running. Following are the high-level changes -

  • Shared storage account is not needed to be mounted on Guzzle VM or remote spark clusters
  • Guzzle keeps all configs and logs on local file system of the Guzzle VM. Activities running in remote spark clusters use Guzzle APIs to read necessary configs and to write activity logs
  • GUZZLE_HOME environment variable is not needed to be defined in Guzzle VM. All the directories from previous GUZZLE_HOME are now referred from GUZZLE_PRODUCT_HOME
  • Guzzle config file guzzle.yml is removed. All the config properties from guzzle.yml are referred from guzzle-api.yml
  • When shared storage is enabled - guzzle upgrade process will sync guzzle module and third-party dependency jar files every time guzzle is upgraded. Also there is an option to sync jar files with storage account in Guzzle UI
  • Setup Workspace button from databricks compute editor is removed

Automatic upgrade steps#

  • Move directories bin, conf, libs, logs, scripts and test-data from current GUZZLE_HOME to GUZZLE_PRODUCT_HOME
  • Remove version.txt file from current GUZZLE_HOME
  • Move config properties default_spark, java, guzzle and api from guzzle.yml to guzzle-api.yml
  • Remove guzzle.yml and passphrase files from conf directory
  • Remove config property dbfs_guzzle_dir from azure databricks compute configs
  • Remove config property guzzle_storage_linked_service from azure synapse spark compute configs
  • Remove mount properties of storage setting specified in guzzle-api.yml
  • Add property deployment_scheme: azure under guzzle setting in guzzle-api.yml

Post upgrade manual setup steps#

  • Ensure that Guzzle API is accessible from the remote spark cluster
  • Navigate to Manage > Environment Config > Api Settings in Guzzle UI and specify Guzzle API URL, Key vault name and Secret name which is holding value of the passphrase
  • Unmount guzzle shared storage account from Guzzle VM [Optional]
  • Remove GUZZLE_HOME environment variable from guzzle service (/lib/systemd/system/guzzle.service) [Optional]

When using Azure databricks clusters -#

  • In databricks analytics clusters - specify following spark config which will be used as credential to refer and install jars from the shared storage (secret value should be access key of the storage account) -[storage-account-name] {{secrets/[secret-scope]/[secret-name]}}
  • Unmount guzzle shared storage account from databricks workspace [Optional]
  • GUZZLE_HOME environment variable is not needed for databricks analytics clusters and can be removed [Optional]

When using Azure synapse spark clusters -#

  • Linked service for guzzle shared storage can be removed from synapse workspace [Optional]